We are servants, exposing the works of darkness & bringing truth to light to build up a healthy body in Messiah. We understand that Yehovah is Elohim (Hebrew for God). Scripture is of no private interpretation and requires the mind of the Ruach (Holy Spirit) to understand it.

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  • About

    As the Ruach (Holy Spirit) has brought me into greater understanding of the scriptures and Torah, Elohim has taken me out of the false main stream churches and helped me understand what the body of Messiah is about. Messiah did not come to build a visible, physical church, or go around planting churches under a…

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  • Introduction

    I have witnessed the deception and disobedience of scripture in the incorporated church and other churches lead by carnal narcissists. So many people don’t have discernment to know when a goat is leading an assembly. These wolves in sheep’s clothing deceive the flock and many times scatter it because they are not born again. Only…

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